Interactive Flat Panel as the Ultimate Interactive Classroom Solution

As technology advances, so does the need to move from the conventional chalkboard teaching to interactive learning. Chalkboard teaching has its benefits but in this age of sophisticated technology, its upsides have been rendered obsolete. Modern educational institutions are fast embracing the use of interactive technology, with equipment such as whiteboards, projectors, flat panels, and touch boards becoming common features in most classrooms.

Finding the right interactive classroom solution for your institution depends on a number of factors including the teaching and learning approach of your teachers and students respectively. Research from various stakeholders, on the impact of interactive learning indicates that students are more likely to grasp knowledge easily, when you involve them in the process of learning. Therefore, using an interactive flat panel for your classroom can go a long way in improving the educational standards of your institution.

Benefits of an Interactive Flat Panel

1. Flexibility

An interactive flat panel is easily portable and you can move it from one classroom to the other, using its attached wheels. This benefit is of particular importance, in case your budget is limited to a minimal number of flat panels.

You can also adjust its height or angle effortlessly, making it more accessible to students with limited abilities.

2. Multi-Touch Interactivity
With its 4K Ultra High Definition display, the interactive flat panel is the essence of collaborative learning, as it allows up to 10 students to interact with the responsive touch screen all at the same time. This encourages students, as well as educators, to work together, for an engaging learning experience.


3. Surround Sound System
Interactive learning seeks to involve all students, regardless of their abilities. Students with sight problems can take advantage of the surround sound system that comes with the interactive flat panel. The sound system is inbuilt, and you do not need to worry about audio connections, for the system works on the go.

4. Easy Setup
The panel comes in a simple design that is easy to install. You do not need any technical skills to setup the interactive flat panel. All you have to do is mount the panel in a strategic location, connect it to the teacher’s computer and every other step will fall into place. In case you are having trouble installing the device, just follow the easy-to-use manual that comes with the panel.

5. Pre-Installed Apps & Built-in Hardware
By utilizing the pre-installed apps, you do not need an additional computer in your classroom. Built-in hardware improves the functionality of the interactive flat panel making it perform just like an ordinary computer.

Improve the learning experience of your students as well as your teachers by using the interactive classroom solution. This solution will not only impart knowledge to your students but also encourage collaborative learning.

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