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Our goal is to develop our own teaching practice as well as help other teachers and students work together on an innovative learning journey. We spend a lot of time reading about how technology allows teaching and learning to advance, and our own learning process comes full circle when we apply this knowledge by writing about it and spreading the word to others. We want this to be a two-way conversation where we engage with readers because we can all learn from each other.

The Mission
We are dedicated to spreading innovation and enthusiasm for education. We strive to help educators use technology to improve learning outcomes. Education is our passion and we want to drive ourselves and others to be the best teachers and technology leaders that we can be, inspiring and motivating students to progress and succeed. Each month, several articles are posted with the goal of providing information and insight. Visitors to the site will also benefit from other educators, technology specialists etc.

Why the Focus on Technology?
It’s fascinating to see how learning is transforming thanks to continuous technology developments. By keeping up-to-date with tech news, it’s clear that well implemented and supported instructional IT tools can improve learning and teaching, making studying more engaging, enjoyable and effective for both students and teachers. No longer do we sit in dusty classrooms copying letters from the blackboard, and no longer can education be considered ‘boring’!

Linking technology development with education doesn’t just improve learning otucomes, it also dramatically improves availability, opening up opportunities to more people globally. It lowers costs and brings remote learners, teachers and experts together to learn from each other, as can be seen from the recent explosion in online learning and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

It’s an education revolution creating countless possibilities for active learning, so please join the conversation and help change the world one step at a time!

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